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Tired of the same old music industry grind? Good! Me too!

With sustainability and holistic support as my guiding principles, I've developed a new approach to revolutionize the music business.

Hi, I'm Elena and I'm excited to tell you all about it!

As a creative consultant and coach, I come equipped with two superpowers: a keen understanding of the inner workings of the TV/music industry (thanks to a decade of experience), and a knack for cutting through the nonsense to get things done. So you can achieve success without pulling your hair out.

Being a creative soul is a wonderful gift, but with great power comes great responsibility... and a whole lot of stress! Whether working with Grammy-winning artists other music legends, or rising stars, I've seen it all. So don't be afraid to let it all out! I totally get the struggles and unique pressures that come with being a creative mastermind.

That's why I'm dedicated to helping creative souls connect with their authenticity, unf*ck their minds and unlock their full potential.

Let's get one thing straight: success is great, but not if it leaves you feeling like a sleep-deprived, anxiety-ridden mess. With me by your side, we'll navigate the journey with it's ups and downs while prioritizing your energy management and mental health. And making sure that you're always staying true to yourself.

Let's trust our intuition, find our rhythm, and make music to the beat of our own drum!


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When it comes to communicating with stage personalities, managing the unmanageable, and keeping clients happy, I've got you covered.

⭑ I've got a knack for finding the perfect tone so that everyone stays calm and collected.

⭑ No stress too big, no panic too overwhelming. I'll keep my cool and have your back.

⭑ I understand all sides and all the needs like a boss.

⭑ Don't you worry, I'll find a solution and make it happen, no problem!

⭑ Handling content, characters, and even the occasional ego? Piece of cake!

⭑ Need some inspiration and good vibes? I've got plenty to spare!

Just ask my former bosses from Circus HalliGalli Universal Music International The Voice of Germany they've all put their trust in me.

Artist Relations ⋆ Communications ⋆ Interview Training ⋆ Storytelling ⋆ Concepts and content for music-related YouTube formats, podcast, interviews, track by tracks and EPKs...

Live Nation, Lollapalooza Festival, Universal Music, Sony Music, Warner Music, Jägermeister, TikTok, Podimo, Dyson,...


Are you tired of feeling like a mismatched instrument in the symphony of life? It's time to ditch the sad clown image and take control of your mental health in the entertainment industry! Or are you simply tired of being in a constant state of mind-meltdown? Don't worry, I've got you covered!

I'm a pro of un-messing your mind, so you can bring your inner voice, creativity, and authenticity to the forefront. No more backstage chaos, let's get your creativity flowing and life singing the tune you want.

It's all about the energy!

I'll give you an "Inner Soundcheck" and be your wingwoman for 1:1 sessions and workshop accompaniments for your business, projects and album releases, including storytelling and interview training. So, let's give your mind a makeover and make it stage-ready!

Book a Free Discovery Call with me today and find out what Mindf*ck Management can do for you.


Authenticity ⋆ External Impact⋆ Artist Identity ⋆ Artist Mindset ⋆ Bye Bye Self-Doubt ⋆ Energy Management Expectation Management & Pressure ⋆ Identity Crises ⋆ Inner Critic ⋆ Interview Training ⋆ How to Handle Shitstorms ⋆ Hypnosis ⋆ Creativity Blocks ⋆ Stage Fright ⋆ Mental Health Support ⋆ Music- Life-Balance ⋆ Performance Pressure ⋆ Private Conflicts ⋆ Unhealthy Rockstar Behavior ⋆ Stress Management ⋆ Songwriting Support ⋆ Systemic Coaching

The future is now, folks, and the formula for success is simple:
be real, be true to yourself, and let the energy roll!


"Artists Unplugged: Say Goodbye to Insecurities and Hello to Effortless Self-Expression!"

Unleash your authentic inner artist with a side of humor and wit! Learn to slay the camera and own the room with confidence and charisma. No more awkward silences or boring interviews. Say hello to effortless self-expression and goodbye to insecurities.

Media reps want artists who can hit all the right notes! Artists that are..

★ Fascinating and special, not a copy of a copy
★ Storytelling wizards, not mumblers
★ Intriguing, like a mystery novel with a twist ending
★ Experiences, lifestyles & spirits to live for, like a wild roller coaster ride, not bland promos
★ Approachable, professional & aware, not blind & boring! Like a bartender with a PhD in sociology.

Did someone say camera shy? Bye Bye closed off artist interviews! Shed those insecurities and step up to the spotlight with confidence.

And: Say goodbye to closed off and boring artist interactions. Bridging the gap between artists and journalists has never been more fun. Let's share your amazing personality, not your personal diary. Being approachable without spilling the tea!

Let's plan a workshop and get ready to make the media fall in love with you.


★ when creativity is supposed to flow like a river, but instead it's more like a trickle in a desert.

★ when wrong ideas, self-doubt, and deadlines can block the creative spark, leaving you feeling uninspired.

★ when you want to shake up your songwriting routine and add some excitement to your creative process.

Let's be real, nothing kills creativity faster than frustration, pressure, and anxiety. But don't worry, I've got you covered! I use a combination of mindset work, systemic coaching, and hypno/trance techniques to help unleash your hidden creative potential.

Q: What is creativity?
A: The relationship between a human being and the mysteries of inspiration.
- aus "Big Magic" von Elizabeth Gilbert

I create a safe and supportive environment where artists of all genres can reflect on their true selves and what they have to offer the world. My mission is to help artists get out of their own heads and tap into their "Inner Voice" and innate creative gifts. Specialized in custom songwriting camps that cater to where you are creatively in this moment.

I'll help you craft music that tells your unique story and express the message that wants to come out, but may have been blocked.

So, if you're ready to jumpstart your creativity and write your next hit, book me for a songwriting camp today! I'm ready to help and troubleshoot any creative roadblocks you may encounter along the way.


Want to turn chaos into sweet, sweet harmony? Look no further than Human Design! It's like a personalized orchestra where you finally get to play the right instrument.

★ Tired of feeling like a square peg in a round hole? Let Human Design show you where you belong in the grand symphony of life.

★ Don't be a one-hit wonder, let Human Design help you hit all the right notes and create a harmonious masterpiece.

★ Say goodbye to mental and emotional exhaustion, and hello to a life in perfect tune with your unique design.

Book a jam session aka. reading with me to decode your chart and tune up your energy management!

Unleash your inner rockstar as we dive into the musical world of your Human Design blueprint. We'll unravel the mysteries of your energetic set-up and score sheet, so you can strum away the negative vibes and embrace your true rhythm.

You'll discover your musical superpowers, your decision-making style, and how you can share your musical genius with the world. Imagine, finally living life as the lead guitarist of your own life! Our musical jam session will take place on the coolest platform, Zoom, and you'll receive a recorded music video of your reading.

You'll also get a PDF filled with your Human Design awesomeness and a follow-up call four weeks later, just to make sure you're still rocking. So, if you're ready to live life loud and proud and shred like a pro, this Human Design Reading, Analysis and Jam Session is perfect for you!

you can book me!


What motivates you?
Why should I or my artists have a mental support? 
You talk about magic. Is that woo-woo? Do you do healing?
How do the sessions take place?
What do I need? And: What's the price?
Are my private topics & data safe?
What if I need to cancel or reschedule?
Let's work together!

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